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Embodied Wellness is a fully customizable wellness program utilizing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Trauma Informed and Gentle Somatic Yoga along side Transformational Coaching.

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Begin your Embodied Wellness journey to:

  • relieve or dissolve persistent pain

  • boost health, vitality and wellbeing

  • decrease stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • consistently integrate techniques to manage your energy, stay focused and pivot with ease when needed.

  • increase focus and productivity

  • develop a compassionate and trusting relationship with your body

  • build a sustainable self-care routine that fully supports you and all you want to accomplish

Embodied Wellness is a whole body approach for self-healing and most people experience both immediate and long lasting results.


Feel better physically and mentally today!

Book your Initial Activate Your Wellness Consultation (approx. 30 min)..........$25

During your first consultation, we will discuss your unique challenges and goals to explore a program customized to fit your specific needs and desires.


Please note: There is no obligation to sign-up for a full program and you will walk away with at least one individualized tool to start your Embodied Wellness journey during your Wellness Consultation.

Call or Text 734-358-6750 to schedule your Consultation with Anna

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If you are ready to stop putting off your own well-being and willing to commit at least six  weeks to change your health and wellness path so you may live a more vibrant and full life, schedule an Activate Your Wellness consultation today!

~ Call or Text Anna, 734-358-6750 ~

"Learning Mindfulness with Anna over the last eight weeks has completely transformed my life! My main goals were to reduce daily stress and improve my disruptive sleep. The tools she taught me allowed me to not only be a more patient mother, but they also allowed me to be in the moment with my children. I am certainly less reactive and can cope with my daily stressors in a positive manner. I’m thrilled now to be sleeping for longer than 2-3 hour stretches as well! I’ve used the techniques Anna showed me to quiet my mind and allow myself to drift off to sleep."

Sam Crowder, CO


A Personal Note From Anna

In the Embodied Wellness Program, you’ll learn to significantly decrease your stress, get clear on your vision, connect more deeply with your family, increase your joy, maximize your productivity, and figure out how to pivot when life unexpectedly changes.​


I can sincerely say that in the last several years I have been happier than I have ever been. This happiness doesn’t come from ignoring the hard things and pretending like everything is ok. It has come from dialing in self-care, mastering my schedule, deepening my connections, and building the awareness necessary to pivot whenever needed.​​


I don’t want you to have to spend ten, plus years figuring this out like I did! We will work together to make sure you finally know how to make radical self-care a part of your life so you can feel better physically and emotionally. We will lay the foundation for you to truly create a life you love living.

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