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Life and Mindset Coaching

Are you ready for life to feel easier and live a deeply connected, healthier, and more fulfilling life?

It is possible to have the energy and motivation to pursue your purpose with

confidence and do so without getting burnt out.

Coaching is the first step to making that happen!

While coaching with Anna you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to....

  • Destress and regain your calm so you can be present for what matters most.

  • Clarify your vision for your life so you can take action with confidence. 

  • Step out of overwhelm and other self-defeating behaviors so you can consistently move forward on creating a life you love.

  • Build the foundation for deeper connections with your family and community.

  • Consistently integrate techniques to manage your energy, stay focused and pivot with ease when needed.

  • Bust any beliefs that are holding you back and learn to integrate new beliefs that support so you thrive.

  • Feel confident that you know how to flourish no matter what life throws your way.

Ready to take the next step or have questions about

Life Coaching with Anna?

Call or Text 734-358-6750 

I am passionate about helping individuals make their own great transformations to live a deeply connected, healthier and more fulfilling life that has no choice but to ripple out into their family and community in an impactful way.


I truly believe that each of us has a unique gift to share with this world and living intentionally gives us the opportunity to share that gift to the fullest extent.

Life and Mindset Coaching

I am here to help you reach your highest levels of personal potential at work AND within your family.

I invite you to embrace the possibility that you can learn how to calmly be productive, successfully transition between work and home, connect deeply to your loved ones and enjoy the journey while designing a life that you truly love!

Your personalized one-on-one coaching offers you a powerful blend of Transformational Coaching and Mindfulness Mentorship to help you step out of stress and overwhelm so you can create the life-work harmony you always dreamed of. 

We will work together to clarify your desired outcome and move forward in creating a full and happy life.  A life where you can thoughtfully respond versus react out of frustration, connect deeply to those you care about and while achieving what you value  most

Ready to take the next step or have questions about Life Coaching with Anna?

Call or Text 734-358-6750 

Sam Crowder.jpg

Sam Crowder, CO

The tools Anna taught me allowed me to not only be a more patient mother, but they also allowed me to be in the moment with my children. I am certainly less reactive and can cope with my daily stressors in a positive manner.


I’m thrilled now to be sleeping for longer than 2-3 hour stretches as well! I’ve used the techniques Anna showed me to quiet my mind and allow myself to drift off to sleep.


Lynne Whitaker, CO

After a challenging year of the pandemic, my kids being in and out of virtual school, and overcoming my own health issues. Anna helped me have more self-compassion through her guided mindfulness meditations. They were grounding, calming, and exactly what I needed at the time.


In addition, Anna gave me tools to evaluate what I’m saying “yes” to, which brought to light which areas of my life were out of balance. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for balance and transformation in their daily life.

Megan Carney_edited.jpg

Meagan Carney, ID

In just one short call with Anna, she honed in on exactly what I needed, even though I didn’t exactly come right out and say it. She asked insightful questions and gave me an easy step to take that I was excited to implement.


Not only that, she had lots of ideas of how I could take things even deeper. Super helpful and didn’t get any of the “should shame” that you can get with other coaches I’ve experienced in the past.

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