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Mindfulness & Meditation

No matter where you are in your Meditation or Mindfulness Journey

I can meet you where you are at.

Whether you are a seasoned meditator and want to deepen your practice or brand new and simply want to understand how to meditate I can guide you as you explore the possibility of starting or deepening your practice.


Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation may be included and are not limited to:

  • Strengthens resilience and your ability to navigate uncertain times. 

  • Deep relaxation that heals pain, mental depletion and many ailments that occur as a result of stress.

  • Feel more positive, clear and confident in making life decisions.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • Increases focus, productivity and your ability to pivot when needed.

  • Decreases anxiety, depression and overwhelm.

  • Increases self-awareness and ability to problem solve.

  • And so much more!

Have Questions or Want to Book a Session?

Contact Anna: 734-358-6750 (text enabled)

Lynne Whittaker, CO

"After a challenging year of the pandemic, my kids being in and out of virtual school, and overcoming my own health issues, Anna helped me have more self-compassion through her guided mindfulness meditations. They were grounding, calming, and exactly what I needed at the time.
In addition, Anna gave me tools to evaluate what I’m saying “yes” to, which brought to light which areas of my life were out of balance. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for balance and transformation in their daily life."

Heather Garner, MS

"When I was first presented with the opportunity to take a mindfulness class I was a bit skeptical.  However, after a couple of classes, I was able to see the benefit from the meditations and found ways to incorporate them into my lifestyle in a way that works for me. 
I have found the practice of gratitude to be the most beneficial and one that I will use daily. Anna was a great teacher and always answered my questions in a way that I could understand. I encourage anyone to give mindfulness a try, even the skeptics."

Caraline Domb, CO

"As a person who suffers from anxiety and stress-induced nervous system disorder, Anna’s Mindfulness tips and instructions were just what I was looking for. She is very knowledgeable and soothing. Incorporating these practices with yoga was very helpful for my sense of inner peace and well-being."
Image by Aaron Burden


Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to what is happening internally and externally without judgement that can powerfully help you decrease stress, reduce anxiety and overwhelm while increasing focus, memory, productivity, energy and wellbeing.

Whether you are brand new to Mindfulness, or you are familiar with it and want to deepen your practice, Anna can guide and mentor you or your community to easily access the benefits of a Mindfulness practice.

Anna is well-versed in secular Mindfulness and the science behind why it works. She will honor your desired path to a more vibrant and healthy life by customizing Mindfulness sessions to align with your unique challenges, values and goals.

There are a many ways to explore Mindfulness. Whether you want to schedule a 30-minute Mindfulness session, work with Anna over 8-weeks to gain a deep understanding of Mindfulness and how to integrate it into your day or have her teach a private, semi-private or group workshop to introduce you to the practice, she is happy to customize an offer to honor your unique needs. 

For more info or to schedule Mindfulness Mentorship with Anna

Contact her at 734-358-6750


Even on the best days, stress can prevent us from being fully focused and doing our best. And too much stress can lead to burnout, disengagement, sick days, and strained relationships at home and in the workplace. Meditation is an excellent way to destress and decrease the negative side effects of stress.


Meditation is a practice that involves focusing your mind using a combination of mental and physical techniques. There are many ways to meditate and Anna loves to help individuals discover the practice(s) that are right for them so they can fully and deeply experience the benefits of Meditation.

There are many reasons to meditate such as wanting to:

  • increase attention, focus and memory,

  • decrease stress, overwhelm, anxiety or physical pain.

  • build awareness of ones self to heal the body.

  • or gain clarity on how to create a life you truly love.

Meditation helps us learn how to respond to life, become more resilient and be able to pivot  with more ease when challenges arise. It allows us to have the connection and strength to be who we uniquely are so we may share our gifts with the world.

Anna is well-versed in many different mediation methods and styles as well as the science behind why it works. She will honor your desired path to a more vibrant and healthy life by customizing Meditation sessions to align with your  unique challenges, values and goals.

Whether you want to be guided through a meditation or start from the beginning and learn how to meditate, Anna would be honored to help guide you on your exploration or deepening of meditation.

Want more info or to schedule a Meditation Service with Anna?

Call or text 734-358-6750

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Incorporate Mindfulness or Meditation into another service

Due to the nature of Meditation and Mindfulness, its amazing ability to help you step out of your stress response and deepen your awareness of what you need, they are both powerful modalities to couple with Coaching or Yoga. 

In both Coaching and Yoga you will progress quicker and have longer lasting results when Mindfulness is integrated into one of  your sessions.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact Anna at 734-358-6750

Mindfulness creates awareness.

Awareness gives you choices.

Choices. skillfully made, lead to freedom.

~Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Hi, I'm Anna

I am a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor with over 20 years of personal experience, exploration and training.


I am well-versed in secular Mindfulness and the science behind how and why it works. If you wish to explore Meditation and Mindfulness purely to maximize your health, wellness, and relationships I will honor and respect your desired path to a more vibrant and healthy life.

For those wishing to create a greater connection to their intuition or spiritual practice, I can guide you on your own unique and powerful self-healing journey.

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